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Making skills & learning visible and discoverable with open badges

Open Badges is the global standard that launched the digital micro-credentialing movement. It is used to recognise and verify learning & skills wherever and whenever they happen, and make them shareable across the web. We contributed to the standard’s development from conceptualisation by the Mozilla Foundation through to its stewardship by IMS Global (now 1EdTech). Services delivered include contributing authorship to the standard; contracting with the Mozilla Foundation to create the concept and blueprints for Open Badge Pathways with the Open Badges team; aiding in the transition from Mozilla to IMS Global; founding the world’s first national Open Badges network; informing the creation of an open badge platform (the OBA); and steering group membership of the Open Badge Network, which provided recommendations for policy on micro-credentials in the European Union.


Concept creation
Concept architecture
Collaborative design sessions
UX / UI design
Implementation tools
Recommendations for policy
Open community contribution

Top 5

Global companies use the Open Badge standard for digital credentialing


Open Badges issued


development to revolutionise recognition and initiate multi-sectoral global policy on digital / micro-credentialing


National network in the world to research Open Badge application across sectors & services

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