We are explorers and designers…

Systems thinkers and bridgemakers, always looking over the next horizon.

We advise, create and educate on leadership skills and human-centric organisational design for the emerging era.

We have decades of experience helping organisations to digitally transform, and have created concepts that are informing the emerging era, by revolutionising how people work, learn and connect. Partnering with future-shaping foundations, organisations and global communities we have pioneered innovations in organisational culture & structures, lifelong learning, and skills recognition and visibility.

We empower leaders and organisations to prime themselves for the emerging era with our Mesh organisational design and tools for generating connection, visibility and trust. Emerging technology and possible futures present challenges and opportunities, and we’re here to help you prepare and make the most of them.

The emerging era requires connection, visibility & trust
We prime organisations with our approaches and tools for connection, visibility and trust​
Advisory Services
The emerging era needs empowered people
We educate on the essential leadership skills and organisational design needs for the emerging era
Education Services
The emerging era begins with ideas and possibilities
We create concepts in partnership with organisations, foundations and global communities
Creation Services

Our Team

Our Founder

Ardcairn Ltd was founded in 2018 by Gráinne Hamilton to formalise her concept and consultancy work. Gráinne puts teams together with foundations, start-ups and communities to shape conversations, design approaches and prime organisations.

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