Skills Current publication: inspiration to enhance skills visibility and build skills currency

Skills Current by Ardcairn is our Substack publication.

Skills Current provides inspiration for rediscovering intrinsic motivators & enhancing discoverability for meaningful work. We post about skills visibility, surfacing secret skills, mapping skills, value-added skills & building skills currency.

Skills Current’s members/readers use our posts and tools to enhance skills rediscovery and discoverability, to rediscover what inspires and motivates them, to understand the full range of their skills, and to increase discoverability for jobs they’d love. We base our posts around Ardcairn’s practical Skills Visibility Framework, which aids identification of nuanced skills data, enabling insights to self and pathways towards more fulfilling and productive work.

We invite you to gain inspiration from Skills Current posts to:

  • Clarify the career path you really want to take
  • Re-evaluate the value you can contribute within an increasingly AI-driven workplace
  • Prove to yourself why you can make the move to a career you’d love


Skills visibility
Building skills currency
Skills-based hiring
Skills rediscovery
Skills discoverability

Frameworks (on demand)
Case studies (on demand)
Revealing and releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)


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