We are strategists & innovators…

...always looking over the next horizon.

We are systems thinkers & bridgemakers.

We advise

We orbit systems and see the macro and the micro. We connect people with ideas and big pictures. We clarify complexity and build bridges for organisations to develop the skills they need to move confidently into the emerging era.

We are explorers & designers.

We educate

We are adept at creating clear strategic plans. We have helped our clients reinvent themselves, develop sustainable skills infrastructures, increase revenue and membership, collaborate across industries, deliver learning across borders and much more.

We create

We have shaped skills standards and blueprints. Our creative input has shaped global narratives and our Associates push boundaries and influence large-scale change.

What people say about us

Our team

Our founder

Ardcairn Ltd was founded by Grainne Hamilton to formalise her concept and consultancy work. Grainne puts teams together with Ardcairn’s Associates, and partners with companies, foundations and communities to advise, educate and create.

Our Associates

We have an extensive network of Associates – thought leaders in their fields – from whom we benefit from knowledge that we feed into our work.

We engage our Associates on a project-by-project basis, thereby ensuring world-leading skills are deployed to every piece of work by Ardcairn.

Our work

We have led, facilitated and contributed to an exciting array of projects.

Ardcairn founder, Grainne Hamilton, facilitates a panel discussion at COP26 on Open Collaboration Opening Sustainability with: Salem Avan (Policy Director, United Nations); Catherine Stihler (CEO, Creative Commons); Chris Baynam-Hughes (Red Hat). Photo credit: OpenUK. CC By-4.0

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