Advising, educating, creating

Supercharge high performance with...


We partner with you to gain perspectives & insights, reveal trapped & untapped value, implement innovation and transformation programmes, and to help you regenerate.


We take you on a journey of connection and learning with our courses, collaborative learning experiences and masterclasses, providing you with tools and resources to upskill and adapt.

Frontier tech

We partner with companies, foundations and communities to design global frontier technology initiatives, and to develop new standards, approaches and systems.

Empowering high performance across all contexts

People & Leadership

We educate and mentor your leaders and teams on practices and approaches that empower high performance, employing our unique Mesh method to create a sustainable culture of learning.

Digital Transformation

We guide you through digital transformation, advising on the skills, processes and cultural practices your organisation or initiative needs to navigate the change with confidence.

Sustainable Evolution

We design skills strategies, programmes and structures to help you and your teams be flexibile, resilient and sustainable, and to capitalise on the opportunities of emerging technology.


We run audits and diagnostics to identify skills gaps, to gauge sentiment, surface cultural and operational blocks, discover trapped and untapped value, and identify opportunities and challenges to inform changes that are needed.


We use our experience of shaping global, national and local transformation initiatives, and leading sectoral and organisational upskilling, to define strategies that will meet your organisational needs.


We assist you to operationalise strategy and embed effective organisational procedures and programmes, to enable smooth transitions, healthy regeneration and sustainable growth.


We deliver numerous advisory, education and creation services to empower high performance.
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Our unique approach: Mesh

Our unique approach helps us to gain a comprehensive overview and understanding of your organisation’s strategic, operational, cultural, leadership and skills needs. It draws on our extensive work defining open practices that empower high performance. It is formed around the concepts of:


The tenets...
Express the values that inform the Mesh approach. They are interdependent and inform each other.

Connection prompts knowledge sharing across the organisation and beyond to external stakeholders and communities. Sustainable organisational evolution is aided by connecting components, skills and an ecosystem of support.

Visibility promotes behaviours and processes that aid seeing the unseen, revealing trapped and untapped value and skills through gaining insights to processes creating blockages and revealing opportunities to generate value within the existing infrastructure of the organisation.

Trust is required for individuals and teams to perform at their best and adapt to rapid changes. Ethical behaviour is essential for the organsiation to be trusted by the wider ecosystem.


The lenses...
Provide a rounded perspective of the organisation with different vantage points for considering needs and aid a systems thinking approach.
Acronym: COG


  • Leadership team behaviours
  • Individual skills-awareness and behaviours


  • Organisational skills programmes, processes and frameworks
  • Organisational learning culture


  • Wider context and skills requirements of the emerging era
  • Global skills initiatives, developments and standards



The conditions...
Catalyse (re)generative behaviours and processes and help optimise operations and contribution.

Encompasses practices and cultural norms that promote the open characteristics of adaptability, transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, and community. Structuring elements so they can be reused, remixed and repurposed. 

Prompts a willingness to transform through continuous cycles of change, and to generate and regenerate to remain relevant and be sustainable.

Prompts balancing of different perspectives and needs, such as balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the organisation and wider stakeholders to achieve sustainable change.

Empowers knowledge building, informed decision-making, the exchange of data, ideas and information, contribution from distributed and potentially decentralised experts, and engagement with communities.

Are key to developing sustainable relationships and partnerships, empowering teams, defining ethical behaviours and enabling a culture of learning and regeneration.

Vital for individuals and organisations to understand where they are now, where they want to go and what skills they need to get there.

A pre-requisite for upskilling, rapid adaptation and regeneration. Enabling the connecting and weaving of distributed knowledge with collaborative learning opportunities enables individuals to learn through the exchange of ideas and provides opportunities for connection, exploration and network formation to aid a sustainable learning culture.

Cultural norms, behaviours and mindsets that will result in sustainable upskilling to regenerate, remain relevant, be resilient and future-proof the organisation.

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