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We advise, create and educate on leadership skills and human-centric organisational design for the emerging era – drawing on decades of experience helping organisations to digitally transform, and our work creating concepts that revolutionise how people work, learn and connect.

We are explorers and designers, systems thinkers and bridgemakers, always looking over the next horizon.

Advise: We provide consultancy services to help organisations digitally transform and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the emerging era.

Educate: We provide masterclasses, online courses, diagnostics and workshops that empower leaders and organisations to prime themselves for the emerging era with essential leadership skills, human-centric organisational design and more. 

Create: We partner with organisations, foundations and global communities to develop concepts for the emerging era. Concepts we have conceived, designed and contributed to have revolutionised how people work, learn and connect, and include the standard that launched the digital credentials movement; Open Badge pathways; and the award-winning Cities of Learning UK. 

New Book - November 2022


a human-centric organisational design for a decentralised world.

Co-authored by Ardcairn founder, Gráinne Hamilton

A compass for navigating decentralisation.

Mesh addresses the opportunities and challenges of the emerging era and proposes an organisational design built around an open, regenerative culture empowered by a granular, mesh structure that is primed for navigating Web3 technology.

It provides an exhaustive framework that is understandable, implementable and complete with a conceptual model and method to enable systems thinking and vantage points for considering the whole organisation.

Mesh provides tools and practices to help organisations implement a human-centric organisational design for a decentralised world.

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