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We assist leaders and organisations with the uptake and effective deployment of frontier and emerging technologies via strategic operational, cultural and upskilling initiatives.

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Create: We partner with organisations, foundations and global communities to develop initiatives for the emerging era. Pioneering initiatives we have contributed to have revolutionised how people work, learn and connect. They include the open standard that seeded the digital and micro-credentials movementsblueprints for skills pathways; and the award-winning Cities of Learning UK.

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Leadership Brief:
Managing AI Use in the Workplace

Executive micro-course. Online

Develop a leadership mindset for managing AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an essential tool for every workplace right now. It provides significant opportunities for improving productivity and commercially advantageous innovation but also presents significant risks – ‘hallucinations’, privacy breaches and Shadow AI all provide reasons to implement robust procedures to manage AI, to ensure responsible and effective outcomes and to proactively manage organisational reputation.

The Leadership Brief: Managing AI Use in the Workplace course provides an overview of considerations for managing AI use in the workplace. It is relevant to senior leaders considering the deployment of AI across their organisation; leaders incorporating the use of AI by their team; and individuals using AI.

Who the course is for:

Topics include:

By the end of the course, you will...

What people say about us


Consultancy – planning to deployment


Skills/culture audits/diagnostics

Digital/skills/culture strategy

Policy recommendations

Revealing Trapped & Untapped Skills (TUS)

Facilitating transformation conversations

Coaching & Mentoring


Masterclasses (online and in-person)

Courses (bespoke / on demand)

Train the trainer


Implementation tools

Case studies

Remote delivery

Online conferences



Blueprint creation

Concept architecture

Collaborative design sessions

User-centred design




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