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Creating the award-winning blueprints for Cities of Learning UK with 3 cities

Cities of Learning UK is a digitally-enabled place-based approach to empowering access to city-wide learning and enrichment opportunities. Grainne Hamilton led work on the digital credential pathways concept as part of a multi-agency team that partnered with the cities of Manchester, Brighton and Plymouth to create the approach. The team led design sessions with stakeholders from across the cities to articulate what a City of Learning could be; established local priorities; defined skill needs & a universal skills spine; mapped learning provision and opportunities across each city; created the blueprints based on the concept of open badge pathways; and developed a digital platform prototype. The credential pathways work formed the basis for what has become the RSA Badge Standard.


Concept creation
Blueprint creation
Concept architecture
Collaborative design sessions
User-centered design
UX / UI design
Recommendations for policy
Designs for releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)


digitally enabled approach for the concept of learning cities in the UK


stakeholders from varying sectors collaborated and piloted the scheme in each city


policy recommendation in UK Government's: Good Work, The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices


HunrED award, 2019. Top educational developments globally

Good work: the Taylor review of modern working practices

An independent review of modern working practices by Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts.

Jul 11, 2017

Cities of Learning in the UK prospectus

The UK faces unprecedented challenges which demand bold action. The RSA believes that testing innovative approaches to promoting lifelong learning across society should form a key part of our response.

Oct 26, 2017

HundrED Award, 2019

Cities of Learning UK. Top 100 educational initiatives globally.


Cities of Learning in the UK

A place-based approach to enhancing lifelong learning and access to enrichment opportunities.

Pascal International Observatory
Dec 8, 2017